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Hey, I'm Rohil. I am a fullstack developer majoring in HTML5 and NodeJS. It took me about a year to learn HTML5 properly, and about 3 months later, (after I started actually learning it), NodeJS came to be as it is today. This site has NodeJS as its backend, and it uses EJS for its frontend.

Current Projects

As of right now, I am working on Ezjs, which is a fun and easy way to do JavaScript. When it is done, all you need to do is add the cdn into your head tag, and you are all set! I am also working on a social media website with 3 other experienced developers. You can find this here.

As of 2020, I am in 7th grade at what could be considered a private school. I am 13, and besides coding, I have an interest in culinary arts. I have made some spaghetti before, and it tasted good! I also keep up with the Apple lineup, so I have a lot of information I can tell you 😉. Just let me know via Discord, or via the Q&A Section.

I have a YouTube channel. I started it a few days back because many people want a tutorial they can actually understand. I intend to make this easier with the help of Ezjs and my channel, TheWebMaster. As of right now, I have HTML5 videos out there, for you to either learn or perfect. These tutorials are fun and quick, and don't take up too much time.